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After Delivery

All these issues are the responsibility of the Board of Co-ownership and shall be entered in the Condominium Regulations and / or Rules of Coexistence. It will be installed only after the properties have been delivered and the project has completed its construction phase.

The Board of Co-ownership is an entity created and chosen by the owners in order to channel the interests, needs and desires of all owners in the residential unit.

This process is known as post-sales. To submit the claims, an official document of complaint must be filled which can be found at the front desk. Or the one that is sent to an address provided by the suppliers.
In this document the owner will detail the drawbacks that have been found and the builder will promptly contact him/her and the supplier of the defective material in order to coordinate the technical inspections that may be required and proceed with the repair or replacement of the damage.

In the Owner Manual that we give on the same day of the delivery of the New Property the warranties and conditions of delivery of the components thereof are detailed.

The process of the new property deed by which the trustee becomes interested in the autonomous equity in a property right on the purchased property that is complex and involves many players will take on average 30-35 business days according to the attached list:

Concept # of Days
Sending the request to the notary deed 2
Development of the Public Deed at the Notary 3
Signing of the Deed by the buyer 2
Signing of the Deed by ARCONSA 2
Signing of the Deed by Link Real Estate 2
Signing of the Deed by Fiduciary Action 5
Disbursement commitment letter from the bank that issued the mortgage credit 5
Signing of the Deed of Major Extension mortgage credit 7
Signing the Mortgage Deed by the bank that issued the mortgage credit 5
Logging of the Notary Deed and obtaining Registration Ballots 3
Registration of the Deed with the Office of Public Records 15

It is important to mention that the management and everyone else involved in the development of the Project only provides a consultancy in order to give greater flexibility to the deed and disbursement procedures. They do not assume, from any point of view, any obligation for the result related to the timing that has been mentioned for information purposes only. Any delays, whatever their cause, bear the cost and risk of the buyer.
In this regard it is also important to mention that at the time of execution of the Deed of transfer of the property it is necessary that expenditure on notary fees, taxes, Departmental Revenue and registration fees before registration are canceled. These costs should be borne by the buyer and will be settled by the notary officer responsible for carrying out the process.

Once the Project is finished the developers will deliver it over to the Department of Planning of the Municipality of Envigado who, thereafter, will advance the process of “discharge” of new properties in order to generate the respective property taxes to each new owner.
This process may take some delays and therefore it is possible that the tax accounts payable do not come in a timely manner.
If you want to avoid the accumulation of tax bills we suggest the owners that they approach the Land Registry Office of the Municipality of Envigado with a copy of the Deed under which the property was transferred and the Certificate of Freedom in order to request such a process of “download”.

Our recommendation is to take advice from a renowned middle company, in order to prevent fraud and problems associated with this type of transactions which present some complexity. It is noteworthy that going to a real estate company may have some costs in accordance with local customs.