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Before an appointment with the buyer for the delivery of the new property the management does a thorough job of checking and verifying its quality.
Once this quality check is finished a meeting is arranged with the buyer in order to schedule the delivery of the new property.
It is possible that during the meeting the buyer detects some details or imperfect construction.
Notwithstanding the existence of such imperfections from this meeting it is understood that the property has been formally delivered to the new owner who thereafter and according to the conditions set forth in the Act of delivery, shall be at the risk of the same .
Details or imperfect construction will be solved by the manufacturer in the terms agreed at that time.

As we mentioned from the date of the signing of the new Property Delivery is at the risk of the new owner.
This means that as of that moment the costs involved in the use and enjoyment of the new property as payment of public utilities, management fees, property taxes and tax valuation will be entirely at the owner´s expense.
It is noteworthy that the physical delivery of the new property almost never coincides with the disbursement of the Mortgage processed by the owner for the necessary resources to pay the balance of the price. This means that during the time between the material delivery and the actual disbursement that allows the owner to cancel the price of the property the owner must take care of the subrogation interests.

In an Ideal transaction the owner, at the time of receiving their new property, should have paid the full price of the same.
However, as we mentioned, when mortgage lending has gone to the disbursement of funds by the Financial Institutions these do not coincide in time with the physical delivery of the new property. The disbursement period takes, on average, 30 calendar days after the day on which the financial institution has proven that the mortgage guarantee was successfully registered.
As there is a time during which the owner already has available the new property and the project has not received full payment of the price, it has to take care of the interests of subrogation.
These interests are calculated on the difference in price not paid based on the interest rate based on which the Bank provided building credit to the developers and for the period of time between the physical delivery of the new Property and the day that the actual disbursement occurs and that allows to pay the balance of the price.

The Management will deliver in a timely manner, the calculation of these subrogation interests.

The common areas are delivered in the same way as new properties, the only difference is that they are received by a group of two or three owners appointed by the new ownership.